Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lulu Beu- Recycled fashion accessories

Lulu Beu shares a similar passion to myself in that she loves upcycling and creating. She has combined the two to create upcycled fashion accessories out of thrifted and scrap products such as men's neckties and t-shirts. Scarves from neckties, t-shirts and yarn, hats from neckties, t-shirts, fabric samples, crochet, knitted slouch hats, ear warmers and scarves, necjtie belts, headbands, brooches, jewellery...
Blue and Tan Beaded Necktie Necklace
Blue/Green/Pink Button Necktie Headband
Tan & Blue/Gray Necktie Obi Belt
Tan Fabric Samples Hat
Brown & Orange Paisley Necktie Cloche/Flapper Hat
Brown Newsboy Cap with Removable Flower

Purples Necktie Cowl Scarf
Teal Necktie Cowl Scarf
Blue, Orange & Pink Necktie Scarf w/Button Pin
"Ice" Texturized Scarf

"Tangled up in Blue" T-Shirt Scarf
Brown, Yellow & Gray 7" Necktie Clutch

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