Saturday, April 27, 2013

Em's Magazine Beads

I have made a few necklaces using beads made from magazines. Similar to Afri-Beads I have blogged about before. The key is to find pages from magazines that are mainly one colour but with writing etc. to create interest. The necklaces I have made have been 2-3 pages, usually using two colours and two different sized beads. I then cut the page into long triangles (see diagram) and use a skewer to roll them around covering in PVA glue. I also spray some oil on the skewer so the bead slides off at the end.

They have all been gifts so I haven't got photos for all of them. These are the two latest ones I have made. It takes a fair while to complete them, however I am definitely getting faster.

Pattern for other shaped beads

Em's Envelopes

I have blogged about making envelopes from recycled material before. Using my previous post this as inspiration I have made a few envelopes, using an old envelop as a template, out of an old calendar that had great images. I only wish I had thought of using it earlier in the year before I threw the other months out. I great way to use what would otherwise be rubbish. I need to make a few more because I feel these are too precious to use and keep saving them for something..!