Sunday, January 18, 2015

Woven baskets

I want to give basketry and weaving a go and would love to make my own basket.. I already made a fabric bowl using this method of winding fabric scraps around rope and am thinking a firewood basket could be next..
Recycled paper basket- I love the look of this! Sewn brown paper, woven- could use old sewing patterns too!
Crochet rope basket
Rope and yarn woven basket- with great instructions!
paper baskets- Looks surprisingly sturdy
Denim woven basket

Woven swirl patterned bowl

Knitted bowl
Woven map basket- or newspaper etc
Plastic bottle baskets

Baskets with PET (plastic bottle) ribbons

Woven newspaper basket

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Em's Holiday Crafts

After going on holidays I collected shells on the beach and some interesting bush leaves etc. I have turned the leaves etc into some very interesting looking native potpourri. I added some nice smelling eucalyptus and paperbark leaves to create a great native aroma. I will add essential oils to it once it loses it's smell. I found a perfect wooden bowl in an op shop to hold the potpourri.
With the shells I bought a shadow box frame and filled it with the shells. It took me a while to get them to sit and stay just where I wanted them to. I tried taping the back with various different tapes but the tape either stretched or came unstuck. In the end I used the frame stand to create some tabs to screw in to the frame and hold the back in place as well as putting a piece of soft woolen fabric behind the shells to hold them. It looks great in the bathroom!

Em's Jumper/Sweater Blanket

I saw this awesome inspiration on Yellow Suitcase Studios to make a blanket out of old woolen jumpers/sweaters and had to have a go. It just looked so cozy and warm. I collected jumpers from op shops, which were ideally wool, however 100% wool was hard to find so a few are mixtures. I then pre-washed them all and cut them all up into 25cm squares. Some knits were more prone to fraying and got a little messy but stayed together enough to work out the layout order and sew them. I numbered each square and then sewed each row before sewing all the rows together.

I bought some black fleece for the backing as the other colour fleeces available really didn't match the jumpers, then sewed the two pieces together around the edges, leaving the edges raw at this stage, as well as sewing along all the other seams to hold the two pieces together. It really needed this as it moved around a lot. I then did a blanket stitch all the way around the edges with some wool/yarn to finish it off. I love the look of blanket stitch and was most excited to do it.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


There really is a lot of creative clocks out there.. and some great ideas for DIY, endless ideas to recycle and use other objects for either the numbers, base or hands. I have always liked the vinyl record clocks, either as a straight record or cut into endless shapes/silhouettes (you wuold need to use an interesting record, which may then be a waste) and I would love to make a clock for the shed from an old bike part..Bottle tops, buttons, tools, guitar picks, dominoes, dice as numbers..
Cut vinyl record
Vinyl clocks- love this one!
Salvador Dali clock from a record

Saw-blade clock
Plate clock- I like the idea of this.. Made from Nan's painted plates
Bike brake disc- Great instructions too

Bike wheel clock with chain numbers
Clock from side of a barrel

casette clock
Dominos clock

Number plate clock
Knitted clock- for the sewing room?
Button clock
Tea tin clock
Book clocks (and other creative clocks)
Tin Clock
Book clock
Pixel This creates clocks from recycled materials such as recycled music and movie equipment, cameras, bike parts, computer parts..

Bike cassette gear clock and other recycled clock ideas at this etsy site
Bicycle wheel clock- ones with tyres too
Bike brake disc and CD clock
Recycled bike crank clock
Gear guard
Recycled turntable clock
Kodak Brownie

Recycled Hardrive

Some other great wacky clocks here
How funky is this Pin clock