Saturday, September 12, 2015

Derek Gores

Derek Gores creates these fantastic collages! Wow! So clever, intricate, detailed and realistic! I also love the subject matter!

More from here:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Shamekh Bluwi

"ShamekhBluwi is an architect and fashion illustrator based in Amman, Jordan. Shamekh mix his passions for architecture and fashion illustrations by creating beautiful paper cut-outs fashion sketches with women whose dresses become whatever you hold them up against that comes across on the streets." -Creative Spotting

Similar to graphic designer,  Kulachek Anna's Nature Fashion series:


Or even some of Edgar Artis work:

Here's another artist who has used cut out paper to create a different image in the city environment:

Pirate Party

Ahoy! What fun a pirate party would be! Costumes alone are fun, then you can have treasure map invites, hidden treasure games, ship and treasure themed food, fake tattoos, chocolate coins, jewel lollies, pirate hat and eye patches, pin-the-patch-on-the-pirate game, sword fights..
Pirate Hat Cookies

Not only do these cookies look great but they taste yummy too! I made a batch but used a block of caramel chocolate instead of Rollo, which still worked great:
My version
Gold Oreos- edible gold paint!
My Pirate chest cake
Treasure chest
Fruit Treasure Chest
Treasure hunt
Walk the Plank
X marks the party spot

Vests, striped shirts, eye patch, sword, boots, parrot, bandana, hat, beards/stubble (with a sponge), ripped pants..
DIY pirate boots
Captain Jack Sparrow
Keith Richards as Captain Teague
Our go at Jack Sparrow!
Arrr me hearties!