Friday, September 30, 2011

Erik Johansson

Swedish photo manipulator, Erik Johansson, has done some great photo manipulation work. In a Escher-esk style of illusion some of his works could be stared at all day others are just really clever. I would love to attempt some of them myself.

He's also done a few perspective illusions.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mosaic and Recycled Garden Ideas

I love gardens that use old recycled things cleverly and interestingly. Old beds, tea pots, wheelbarrows, pianos, furniture, claw-foot bath, gardening tools, windows, bottles, pallets etc. All mixed in with some mosaic for colour. Although some things can look tacky, like TV's or other plastic stuff, wood, metal and glass gives it a rustic fun feel. I'd much rather that than a formal garden! More ideas at Recycled Gardening and Garden Art or my 'House and Garden' Pinterest board.


Recycled Pallet Ideas

Although pallet wood is pretty bad quality I can't help loving the amount of things you can do to recycle old pallets.

An air of Recycling in the studio has some great projects from pallets plus other recycled furniture designs.

And of course I still love the vertical pallet garden.

Pallet Deck
Outdoor pallet chair
Pallet chair- more pallet furniture on this site
Top 11 ways of turning pallets into outdoor furniture

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recycled Fabric Upholstery

I love these Reupholstered furniture with scrap fabric by Design by Leftovers. The colours are great and mixing the classic shaped furniture with a contemporary look. Love it!

Recycled material furniture

Recycled furniture ideas on Dornob
Table bookshelf design
Recycled shredded magazine pulp and resin furnitureOld drawers into new dressers

Brightly-Painted, Scrap-Wood Furniture
Recycled doors furniture. I love the quirky angular shapes, kinda Dr Caligari and German experssionism.
Old and new wardrobes, both modern and classic
Bowling lane tableScrap Strip Wood Furniture