Monday, April 18, 2011

Discharge Tie-dying

or reverse tie-dying.

Using bleach to take out the colour of the fabric I love the outcome of doing this and it's so economical. I actually came across this one day by accident when I spilt some Domestos on my dress and bathmat while cleaning. I had heard of tie-dying with bleach so did the mat and dress to begin with and have done a few other things since. Much cheaper than dyes. I love the earthy look that black fabric creates. I have yet to try denim but have seen that come out well too.

You need to use natural fabrics such as cotton. Different fabrics work differently so experiment. These are two different tablecloths that I made with black cotton fabric. They both came out differently. One not being affected with the dye anywhere the bands touched, creating a very contrasted effect. I like the softer brown colour that came out on my first go but no matter what I did with the second tablecloth it would come out contrasty. (diluted the bleach, soaked longer etc) I wish I wrote down times and ratios but I don't know. I made these tablecloths as presents for people months apart.

1st tablecloth:

2nd tablecloth:

Bleached T-shirt designs
More Shibori designs
Screen printed bleach wigs
Or what about stockings? Will have to try this one..

Bleach printing
Letter scarf- use acetate and light sensitive dye for similar effect

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cool Blogs- Design, craft and recycling

01 Mathery blog -Two young designers-One idea a day is a interesting and innovative blog. Some ideas are a little pointless or weird but some really original and creative, such as the Post-It-Note Rose or Laced Clogs (great idea, could have been done better-I want to give it a go)

Colour Etcetera. A collection of colourful art, photography, paper, collage and other colourful things. I love colour, which is why this blog is so exciting!

This Is Collossal- Art and Design. Art, design and craft blog that also includes other awesome and interesting finds. Too much to post her, so check it out!

Anti-retro Ads: Although it pains me to see these awesome retro products getting destroyed, a great experiment, great slow-mo video and something I'm sure anyone would love to do.

"Make-Handmade" Great recycling ideas and instructions.
Apron from Men's shirts.
Ruffle dress from pillowcase

More interesting blogs to kill time perusing:
Dude Craft A collection of cool stuff, recycled art, craft, design and other different and interesting ideas. I could spend forever getting inspiration from this blog.
Jen's Shangri La: Another great craft blog. DIY instructions, food, crochet, tie-dying...
Little Birdy Secrets Great crafty DIY ideas with instructions
Chica and Jo DIY instructions, craft, textiles, food, party ideas!
Honestly WTF Texures, fabrics, colours, textiles, DIY..
Minieco: Great craft blog with paper craft, garlands, rainbow, geek craft and tutorials!
Dollar Store Crafts: Cheap craft ideas.

Reclaimed Wreckage recycling ideas (pallet coffee tables, fashionable tyre tube vests, cassette wallets), links to DIY instructions, etsy shop full of recycled bags and accessories.
Unconsumption: Creative reuse and mindful consumption
Things Recycled Usefully: The name says it all
Recreate Design Company: Recycling ideas
Great Green Goods: Recycled or 'green' goods to buy, recycled jewellery, gifts, furniture, fashion and art
Recycled Lovelies: Recycled craft ideas

Swiss Miss great ideas, clever design and lots of colour.
Not Cot full of ideas, creative inspiration, design etc.
Shaynna Blaze design blog

All That Is Interesting is a collection of all things interesting. Science, art, politics, pop culture, humour etc.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography can be so effective. I think the Pulp Fiction one is best as it really portrays and underscores the mood of the audio. Smashing Magazine has more information and great examples onTypography In Motion

Fight Club
V For Vendetta

Friday, April 1, 2011

House Renovation

Awesome house renovation in Germany. Great inspirational homemade mosiacs and colours. I love the bathroom! and the pencil fence! Check out the website for making of and before and after pictures.