Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY Gift Ideas

There are so many crafty DIY ideas out there and not enough time! I like to make my own Christmas present for everyone and this year I am overloaded with what I could make!

Fish soap
Soapsicles by LoveLee Soaps- would be easy to get a mould!

Martha Stewart has plenty of DIY gift ideas. These are a few:

Handmade Pantry Soaps Using pantry items such as; honey, ginger, cinnamon, clove and tea.
Doily covered soaps- easy and cute!
Dye-diped candles

Four square apron
Homemade vanilla extract


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rag Rugs!!

There are so many cool homemade rugs made from all types of recycled fabric such as sheets, towels, T-shirts and rags. I have always loved the look of rag rugs and would love to make my own.
Rainbow Rag Rug
Woven rag rug
Braided Rag Rug
Rainbow T-shirt Rug

Hula hoop weaving rug

Tiny cement sculptures melting into the streets

I love the effect of these Tiny Cement Sculptures created by Isaac Cordal from London. I would love to do a similar thing. Although the cement gives a strong meaning you could create some effective photography using toys.

Another artist, Slinkachu, has a similar idea with his Little People Project. He has painted and altered the tiny model railway people and positioning them in the city streets. This creates photography that comments on the vastness and loneliness of the city as well as creating a humourous view. Afterwards he leaves the people to be lost on the streets forever not knowing what their fate becomes.

Monster Shoelace
Skateboarding Orange
Rice Plantation
Also similar to Matthew Carden's work:
Matthew Carden
Diving at the Red Sea
Or Vincent Bousserez:
Mowing the Prickly Lawn
Watch Washer
Another photography artist, Samsofy, creates similar humourous images using Lego figurines and everyday objects and spaces.  

Santa Lineup
More collections of similar artists and images:

Mini Worlds
Miniature World

Another post Miniature Calendar features Tatsuya Tanaka who also uses miniature people to create new worlds with a new image each day- check it out! or follow him!