Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rainbow Party

Although this is for a kids party I would love to have a party themed around this! I had a bit of a love for rainbow things as I was growing up and accumulated a lot of rainbow things.. I now have enough rainbow stuff to be able to wear rainbow head to toe, down to eyelashes and shoelaces.. Bring on the party!

Via Juicy Bits
Rainbow party theme ideas
Rainbow Party
Rainbow Jelly cups
Candy Land Rainbow Satin Ribbon Trim Tutu

Rainbow Balloon Topiary
Sewn paper garland
Rainbow invites

Rainbows and gold- could use gold coins too
Rainbow Candy Necklaces
Rainbow Wedding-photobooth
Rainbow craft and food ideas
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Monday, November 14, 2011


I love the fabric and patterns of ties! I have a fascination with them and love collecting them, the more retro the better.. I have made a skirt from ties, my sister made a dress complete with boning and I am up for making another skirt soon. But there's so much more that can be done with ties to show off the awesome patterns..

Necktie Clutch

Sunglasses pouch

Tie Photo Album covers
Eye mask
Door snake
Fashion wristlet

Cup Cozy
Shirt and tie cushion by Fabrications Hackney
Men's tie bag- I like the touch of the buttons with the pointy end of the tie

Patchwork Ties Rug
"Husband's Ties" Quilt
Tie Quilt
Crazy Quilt

Love this - a quilt made only with repurposed neck ties. Only 28 ties for a queen-sized quilt!
Awesome tie Bedspread
Tie Quilt- Awesome instructions

Add a tie to lengthen pants
Bell bottom tie jeans
Tie obi belt
Tie Apron
Upcycled Ties
Upcycled Necktie Crafting
Ascot Handbags and Accessories- Made from up-cycled men's neckties
Mens Necktie Crafts