Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recycled material bracelets

Recycled jewelry! The list of ideas is endless! Making jewelry or any wearable things from recycled material is always fun and exciting, especially when people ask is that made from...? Love it! So many ideas.. here are a few bracelet ideas..
Rainwheel- cuffs made from painted old leather belts
Elke Munkert Tennis ball bangles
Metal ruler bangle from jacqvon on Etsy
Tea cup bracelet- Lindsay Pemberton
Fabric covered water bottle cuffs
Denim and thread
Comic book bracelet
Littlefly: Bracelet from paper

Brass cuff, polymer opal, faux wood, black and white cane slices, silver beads embedded in black grout.
Sweater bangles
Spoon handle
Smashed knitting needle bracelets
Smashed knitting needle bracelets- comes in other textures (dimples, arrows, wallpaper, spirals, leaves and dots)
Plastic bottle bracelets
Camera lens bracelet
Braided plastic bag bracelet
Zipper bracelets
Bracelets from plastic bottles:

Friday, February 22, 2013

Craig Alan- People as pixels portraits

At first glace these portraits look as though they are arial photographs of people placed carefully to create the image, however Craig Alan has painted each person into place to bring the image together. Amazing, looks very realistic and so clever! I love this kind of art. Using dots, pixels etc to create the image. Almost pointillism..

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov is a Russian impressionist artist who paints with palette knife and oil on canvas to create these stunning colour and light masterpieces! He uses a bright and beautiful signature colour palette and magically represents rainy Parisian nights, flowing dancers and streetlights among other subjects. I love the his style! And would love to see one on my wall! Here are a few of my absolute favourites. I love the night street scenes, umbrellas and rain and abstract dancers showing movement and just his colour choice!!
An artist I would be willing to pay money to buy his artwork! Check out his extensive work on his DeviantArt page!

I would love either of these in my house!

Rainy Encounter
The Melody of the Night
Sailing With the Sun
Midnight Blues
The love of Flight
Aura of Autumn
Balloon Show
Moulin Rouge
When Dreams Come True
Rain of Fire
Night Enigma
Night Cafe
The Soul of the Rain
In the Rhythm of Tango

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wizard of Oz Party

Wizard of Oz theme party would be awesome! Such a great theme for people to dress up for and great decor, games and food ideas! Even just an emerald city, green party would be cool..
White and black stripes, poppies, tin-man hearts, somewhere over the rainbow, twister, hot air balloons, "Bell Out of Order, Please Knock" sign, yellow brick road leading to door, "the great Oz has spoken", toffee apples, emerald city
Awesome! Green lolly/candy buffet for emerald city!
Yellow Brick Road Cake
Lollipop Guild
Wicked witch cup cakes
Ding dong the witch is dead
Ruby slippers
Ruby Slippers
Paper Poppies
Paper poppies

Awesome Elpheba Wicked costume- love the detail!

Wizard of Oz Baby Shower
Wizard of Oz Party
Wizard of Oz party theme
Wizard of Oz Rainbow party- great food ideas
Wizard of Oz Party ideas 
Wizard of Oz- great costume ideas
Wizard of Oz Costumes- buy Wizard of Oz costumes for kids, adults and accessories!