Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hot Air Balloons

I love hot air balloons! Just the freedom and historicalness about them! I have always wanted to go up in one and finally did recently! Was such a great experience and so relaxing! I love the vintage or retro feel hot air balloons can give and would love to have a bon voyage party using hot air balloons as the theme.. And can so imagine nursery decor themed with them! (mobiles, wallpaper, growth charts..) I love the recycling of using old light globes to make cute ornaments and the many ways to make hot air balloon mobiles, that would also work as garlands. The table centre-pieces are also excellent!

Love this hot air balloon centre-piece!!
Repurposed light globes Love these!!

Whimsically Baroque Lights
Hot air balloon lightbulb
Hand blown glass hot air balloon Ornaments- So cute!!
Tin hot air balloon mobile- I love this!
Woven paper hot air balloon mobile
Hot air balloon fairy lights!! This is available as a print only, on Etsy. I want to know where to buy them!!! I love them!!
UPDATE: I've found them in US Target!

Hot Air Balloon Necklace, Ceramic Bead on Antiqued Brass Chain, Balloon Jewelry, French Ephemera, Carnival, Paris Jewelry, Pendant Necklace
Hot air balloon necklace! LOVE!!
Pretty retro gold colorful glaze Hot Air Balloon earrings pendant vintage style
Hot air balloon earings
Paper hot air balloons- For mobiles, garlands etc.. Downloadable Pdf available 

Hot air balloon lamp

Hot air balloon lamp
 thumbnail 1
Crystal hot air balloon
Hot air balloon fabric
Hot air balloon ribbon quilling

Hot air balloon card
Hot air balloon button card
This is a card I made based on the one above..
Travel inspired theme- I love the vintage feel of this party theme! The vintage suitcases, maps, cloud meringues, globes, ropes and draped fabric etc.. 

I love these table number hot air balloons made from bouncy balls painted and attached to square potted herbs with twine!
Felt hot air balloon mobile
Felt hot amor balloon mobile
Hot air balloon mobile- could see this made with men's ties!


  1. Don't know if my last post will make it or not, but just in case... you can find the patio lights above at Target.

  2. Love all these ideas but would like to know what you used on the light globes. They look fantastic and could be an idea for our craft group to do.

    1. It's in the link in the caption..