Thursday, January 31, 2013

Em's Mosaic Pot #2

I finally got onto the other pot I have had sitting around waiting to be mosaic-ed. I did the first one last year. I stuck with the seaside theme to match the other pot and used mainly blues again. I had to source more crockery from the op shop and added red but also used some tiles and crockery that featured in the first pot. I had collected white shells while on holidays on North West Island, which I also used in the mosaic. I was worried they might look tacky but they turned out really well. I had planned a while ago to do a found object mosaic but found it difficult to source enough things that worked but still had a little blue lighthouse that matched so stuck him on one side. Can you spot it? After brainstorming on Pinterest, I decided to do a palm tree, sea-horse, thongs/flip flops and a sailing boat. My favourite are the thongs.. and the sea-horse..

Palmtree with Island shells
Sea-horse with stone bubbles and eye
Thongs/flip flops with Island shells
Sailing boat (spot the lighthouse)
My two favourite sides
In situ with the other pot

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