Saturday, April 7, 2012

Men's Shirt upcycle

There are so many great ideas to up-cycle men's shirts and with so many in op shops it's very tempting to create so many awesome pieces. I have already posted items such as pouches or gift bags from the sleeves and aprons but these are fashion items I now have on my to-do list. I have already raided a few op shops and bought some shirts with patterns that caught my eye or were extra long so I could make a dress from them. That will be the hardest part for me, getting them long enough, as I'm 6ft tall.
Halter dress
Pinup Halter dress
Shirt dress Tutorial
Skirt with good tutorial
Men's shirt to skirt- cut off collar and reattach with added belt loops.
Backwards shirt- love this!
Dress from LONG shirt!
LARGE men's shirt to dress
Big men's shirt..
Cute dress- good instructions
Jumpsuit/romper I want to make this but have to find a long enough shirt!
Kid's dress- good instructions

Cutest girls pleated dress from 2 men's shirts
Although these are technically not actually from a shirt they are definitely inspiration.

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