Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY Stamps

Make your own stamps! Awesome! I love stamps and prints.. Use them to decorate cards or wrapping paper! Make your own using erasers, corks, pencil erasers, bottle-caps, foam.. the list goes on..
Gennine's Art Blog has some awesome tips and tutorials on making stamps.
Plasticine stamps!Imprint anything (magnet letters, coins, cookie cutter shapes, draw) into plasticine and stamp..
Print your own wrapping paper with stamps! How good does the white on brown paper look!
How cut are these flower stamps?!
Geometric stamps
Pencil eraser stamps!
Triangle bunting pencil eraser stamp
Heart from pencil eraser- works really well!
Stamped with pencil erasers
Roller stamps
Watermelon wrapping from potato stamps- or use cookie cutters to create different shapes from potatoes
Cut sponges into any shape..
Tag stamp
Or just use what you have available to make different prints.. bubble wrap, buttons, veges,
Bubblewrap- always a favourite..
Buttons- this is so effective..
Lego stamps
Heart toilet paper stamping
Toilet paper roll stamps

Yarn stamps

More yarn stamping
Printing with nuts and bolts
Food stamping-lemons, onions, apples, potatoes

Apple stamp
Vege stamps- celery makes a great rose too..

Stamped wrapping

Use a bleach soaked felt pad to stamp shapes onto clothes!
Cork stamps
Shell as stamp
DIY stamp ideas

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Eugenia Loli Collages

Eugenia Loli is a collage artist and film maker who creates interesting and sometimes controversial or at least conversational pieces. Some are a bit gross or scary.

"...for the vast majority of my work there's a meaning behind them. I usually do this via presenting a "narrative" scene in my collages, like there's something bigger going on than what's merely depicted. Sometimes the scene is witty or sarcastic, some times it's horrific with a sense of danger or urgency, some times it's chill. I leave it to the viewer's imagination to fill-in the blanks of the story plot. "
For example, read this detailed explanation of her Three Minutes to Nivana artwork. I love the way the new meaning or social comment can be made by combining images. Loli does this cleverly, blending images creatively to create new meaning. She achieves the "look twice" trick, which I love. I like the geometric cuts in some of the work making it look simple but still so effective in creating something new with a different meaning. It is also interesting how the titles of the works can change your perception of the concept, usually deepening the message. I think I also am attracted to her use of vintage looking images! You can buy her prints on her Etsy shop or her artwork on varies items here. I like so many of her works, so check out her page for more. Some are just so clever, but I didn't post.

Very clever and eye-catching works in her Farscapes series. I love how these works can have you staring at them working out all the different parts and the new landscape they create. I love the mix of scale too!
Elysian Fields
The Wreck
Objective-Obscurity series:
Mind-atleration Series:
Modern Citizen (Pothead)
Cature I and II (diptych)
Oh-L-amour series: I obviously love the negative space and depth tricks the galaxy/star pics play on the images as these were my favourites (always love a play with negative space!):
"Erinyes" triptych from New-Mythology series
Worshiped-Women series. So many more clever images in this series! Great meanings and comments on women in society!

Speech on past days
Rising Mountain
All-Fun-Games seriers: Again so many clever comments, only a few here:
Bloomed Joyride Too
Girl with Balloons- so simple but effective use of contrasting bright with B&W
Fabulous-Gentlemen series:

Faboosh, Part II 
I AM is Pondering the Self

Disappearing-Acts series:
CutOuts (decaptych)
The Droplet that Returned to the Ocean

Dry cleaning
Jungle City