Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Cap Cards

Red Cap Cards are cards for all occasions made by a collaboration of artist, illustrators and designers from around the world. I love the graphic simplicity of Blanca Gómez designs. And the simple shapes that create her characters. The round heads are so cute and effective. Also check out her blogwebsite and Etsy shop. She has other products of her illustrations for sale, such as notebooks, wall decals and pillow cases..

Blanca Gómez
Blanca Gómez
Blanca Gómez
Blanca Gómez
Blanca Gómez
Blanca Gómez

Jill Labieniec
Carrie Gifford
Jaime Zollars


There just is something about umbrellas or parasols..
 I LOVE this Indian style elephant one!!
Hand embroidered, tasseled bohemian parasols

White Lace Wedding Parasol Pattern

Bella Umbrellas hires umbrellas for events such as weddings:


Soap and lip balm recipes

Whenever I see soaps at the markets I am always drawn to them. They smell so delicious with different benefits and make such good gifts. Whenever I have nice soap I always find them too good to use but can only have so many undies drawer soaps. I have seen some great recipes on the net but have never given them a try. I would love to make some as gifts even if it's just using the melt and pour glycerin.

I really want to give these pantry soaps a go. Made from everyday pantry items they seem easy but still so effective.
"Honey-ginger (for each cup of glycerin, add 1 teaspoon honey and 2 pinches ginger);cinnamon-clove (2 pinches cinnamon, 2 pinches ground clove): Oatmeal-honey (use only clear glycerin in this soap; add 1 teaspoon honey, 2 pinches ginger, 2 teaspoons oatmeal); Honey-ginger; and chamomile (1/4 teaspoon chamomile tea)."
Pantry Soaps
I have had these Earl Grey Tea bag shaped soaps on my to-do list for a while now. And would love to have a go. Mixing tea and soap together!
Earl Grey Tea Soap

Lemon and rosemary and mint soap
Cold Pressed soap- how to
Soapsicles- would be easy to get a mould!
Fish-in-a-bag glycerin soap- For a bit of fun
Milk and honey soap recipe plus many more on this site.
Great Cakes Soap Works: A great homemade soap blog (including beer soap)
Homestead Revival: Soap tips, recipes, ingredients, tutorials.. (including liquid soap)
Bath and body stocking stuffers: Soap, lip balm, skin scrub and bath bomb recipes
Lotion Bars and Lip Balm made from beeswax and oil.
Beautylish lip balm: Two parts oil to one part beeswax
Snappy living: Homemade soap recipes and tips
Handmade Solid Perfume with equal parts beeswax and carrier oil plus essential oils

Garden Therapy: Great site for natural skin-care recipes

All Australian Candle Making and Soap Making Supplies
Solid perfume in pocket watch- Lip balm would go well like this too

Gardener's herbal foot soak
Coffee grounds facial scrub
Or this 3 ingredient coffee scrub (Coffee grounds, salt, coconut oil) can add cocoa powder for a mocha :)
Vanilla body butter
Other Recipes:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mixed Up Dolly

Mixed Up Dolly  makes jewellery and accessories based on pop culture items, particularly food and lollies but also art. Check out the Etsy page.
"My real passion is for making polymer clay and resiin jewellery - particulary sweets, chocolate and foodie earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches etc."
Chuppa chupp cufflinks
Creme Egg Cufflinks
Campbells soup cufflinks
Andy Warhol cufflinks
pop art cufflinks
Monopoly cufflinks
Lego charm braclet

Monday, October 15, 2012

Geek/Lego Party

Ideas for a geek/ games party! What a fun theme.. endless ideas for party games too! Apart from the obvious games.. guess how many lego/game pieces in the jar, twister with paint, jumbo jenga, quoits, potato sack races etc, bowling.. the list goes on.. As for decorations, food and costumes..
Lego party favours with jars
Lego cookies- So easy using M&M's
Lego sandwiches and cheese and crackers

Lego candies made from homemade mould
Lego Pinata
Paper chain lego men
Lego invite

Lego head earrings

Lego earrings
Lego cutlery holder
Lego Recycling Bins
Chocolate dominoes!
Lego cookies
Post-It note Space Invader deco
Monopoly Bow Tie
Monopoly cufflinks also posted here
Lego Party
Games Night
1970's party
Lego Party
Lego themed party
Bright colours and dots made this Lego Party awesome!