Saturday, September 3, 2016

T-shirt Slogans

Hahahaha!! Some great t-shirt slogan ideas that could also easily be excellent for birthday cards etc! Sun frog has a great collection of t-shirts in all sorts of categories and personalised options too:
I'm running for a cause, I have to poop- Prob my fav, I know a few people this suits!
Birthday theme- Level up with bejewelled- I already know who would suit these..
Grammer T-shirts
Awesome T-shirts- I need a few of these.. I want the wife one :)
Unicorn funny
Just funny
And I just love these:
Run like hyenas are chasing you through an elephant graveyard
Slow runners make fast runners look good- You're welcome
I'm already planning what I'm going to eat after this
If you can read this I'm not coming last
Do you even Levios
I'm Femle: Re= Iron Male= Man, Therefore I'm iron man

Friday, September 2, 2016


There are some fun, clever and quirky bookend ideas out there either to buy or make. I love the clever ones that interact with the books or made out of interesting materials. and of course silhouettes..
Knob Creek Metal Arts makes some great clever interactive bookends
Tragedy and Comedy Bookends
Quotation Mark bookend
Portal bookends
Vinyl Bookends- Have wanted to try making these for a while- using hot water,
 I like them as they don't take up any space :)
Horse Bookend- I really want to make this!
(Other cool ones on the site)
Dinosaur Bookends
Owl Bookends
Owl bookends- could also be doorstop..
Elephant Softies- Could be doorstop or bookend..
Balloon animals
Bookend planters or vases
Brick Bookend
Painted book bricks
More brick books
Repurposed Sewing machine bookends

Mug Ideas

I have already made these mugs using oil based texta and have wanted to try china painting as I have access to paints and a kiln. I keep seeing some greta and quirky mug ideas that would make great gifts.. I love the ones with a surprise inside or interaction with the drink!

My oil based texta mugs for new parents
Watercolour mug made with nail polish
Tanked up heat sensitive gauge
Mirrored cups- just coz I like them!