Monday, December 31, 2012

DIY Candles

I really want to try my hand at making my own scented candles!! They would make great gifts! I love those scented ones you see at arts and craft stalls in vintage glassware and tea cups etc.. So the verdict looks like melt down old (non-scented) candles in a double boiler adding your own essential oils then pouring in anything that will withstand the hot wax with a new wick. Tea cups, wine/champagne glasses, port glasses, brandy balloons, jars, tin cans, tea tins.. The more interesting the vessel the better (patterned tea cups and saucers, coloured glass).. Paint or frost the glass..
All Australian Candle making and Supplies is a great website to get candle making supplies including wax. I especially like the sound of the Feather Palm Wax with it's crystal pattern.

Garden Therapy- Citronella tin can candles

Vintage Tea Tins- love the look of these! Just need to find the tins!
Abalone shell candle
Recycled ice candles-
using a milk cardboard milk carton as a mould pour the hot wax in with ice, which creates a interesting holey texture..

And on the topic of candles, these are some other candle ideas:

Pin Cushions

You can really make some interesting and clever pin cushions. They are always needed and handy.. would be great gift ideas too. I have one like the cupcake one my Nan made me..
Tiny photo-frame pin cushions
Dress form mannequin pin cushion
Cupcake pin cushion- add a felt or button cherry..
Cacti pin cushion
Wildflower Pin cushion
Voodoo pin cushion

Hedgehog pin cushion
Elephant pin cushion
Turtle- Cute, love the stitching and textured fabric..
'Pin it' Pinterest button pin cushion!
Toy truck pin cushion
Cactus pin cushion- other cacti patterns too..