Saturday, June 30, 2012


Refashionist has created a refashion each day! So 360 altered fashion items from op shop finds! Usually to make smaller, a better fit and much more stylish. Using dye, something I never think of, to change the colour..

I love her style; usually long top or little dress from skirts and hideous dresses with drop waists and loose fitting tops. So my style!

Here are a few of my favs.. Check out her blog for the terrible befores. Some of her finds are great! I wish I could find some things she has.. She must have a good eye to see past the hideousness..
Wrap around skirt to dress
Purple dyed dress..
Large dress to belted and dyed 
Brown dye transformation
Shoes go well too
From a skirt!
Love this style!!
Fitted dress..
Great fabric!
Stylish LBD from sack
Love the black and white with red stockings!
Shorten and belt does wonders!
Skirt to top
Upside down skirt..

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Book Art

This book art photography by Thomas Allen is amazing and very clever! He uses 'careful book selection and a knife to create stunning photography setups that break out from the page.' I love the punch! Find more at Moolf.

More interesting book art found at Gripping Book Art

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quiet Book for kids

Homemade quiet book. What fun! So many great ideas for learning numbers, colours, animals,   shapes, seasons, months, fruits and vegetables, tying shoelaces, fastenings, matching or just feeling textures and developing sensory and fine motor skills.
Quiet Book
Colours + buttons
Matching with magnets
Shapes- could see this getting tangled pretty easily.

I love this one from Mama Duck:
Collect the apples and strawberries in the basket
Dress the person + laundry with mini pegs and washing machine
Baby shoe stuck on page
Animals snap on or spin around
Fabric letter
Clothes Closures (Belt buckles, zippers, hair pins etc..)

Other great ideas at:
Mama Duck
Homemade By Jill: Audrey's
Home Made by Jill: Oscar's
Serving Pink Lemonade
Bubbles and Bobbins
How to Make a Quiet Book (lots of examples)
Quiet book pattern ideas

While we're at it.. A soft fabric dollhouse.. Complete with handle, button up sides, sheets on clothesline at the back, fold out front yard, appliqué kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.. and I couldn't resist the Felt band-aid for toys..
Fabric Dollhouse
Felt band-aid for toys
And more quiet activities for kids here