Saturday, June 30, 2012


Refashionist has created a refashion each day! So 360 altered fashion items from op shop finds! Usually to make smaller, a better fit and much more stylish. Using dye, something I never think of, to change the colour..

I love her style; usually long top or little dress from skirts and hideous dresses with drop waists and loose fitting tops. So my style!

Here are a few of my favs.. Check out her blog for the terrible befores. Some of her finds are great! I wish I could find some things she has.. She must have a good eye to see past the hideousness..
Wrap around skirt to dress
Purple dyed dress..
Large dress to belted and dyed 
Brown dye transformation
Shoes go well too
From a skirt!
Love this style!!
Fitted dress..
Great fabric!
Stylish LBD from sack
Love the black and white with red stockings!
Shorten and belt does wonders!
Skirt to top
Upside down skirt..

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