Monday, January 30, 2012

Modern Patchwork

London company, Squint cover furniture with a mix of English damasks, Japanese kimono silks, and 19th century French trimmings to create a modern twist on patchwork.

Similar to Bokja from a previous post and Design by Leftovers upholstery.

Also this Free Spirit patchwork couch


I have always had a love and fascination for patterns and textures. My art major work in yr 12 was based on a colourful swirling watercolour design/pattern. I love the graphic vector patterns I encounter as a graphic designer. That's were my love of ties and wallpaper comes from. I especially love retro patterns, paisley, hippy, henna designs, rainbow etc. Anything bright!


How to make a pattern goes through the process of creating a pattern from simple shapes.
I Draw Doodles has heaps of inspiration, doodles, patterns, sketches etc!
How to Draw a Mandala

My Pinterest Pattern collection

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Camouflage Cecilia

Body artist Cecilia Paredes, with the help of assistants, paints and decorates her own body, inserting herself seamlessly into each design, dissolving into the background. Awesome!
Similar to Emma Hack.

Glass Box Guy

Mark Lewanski, or The Glass Box Guy, is an artist from the USA who uses stained glass as his medium. Initially making glass boxes he has now ventured into mosaic mirrors and other funky glass and mosaic based designs, including quirky furniture items.

He strived to undo everything he knew about the art of stained glass, discarding the traditional soldered appearance of Tiffany styled lamps and windows and opting instead to use modern adhesives to give his work a clean, contemporary appearance.

Moving Colour Tiles

pics via
Moving Color make temperature sensitive, color changing glass tiles. So cool. Many different types are available; water colours, touch sensitive and UltraVloom, which has added textured tiles making the experience even more awesome and individual.