Friday, January 13, 2012

Em's Painted Shoes

I painted these shoes some years ago. I used yellow, blue, red and white fabric paint, mixing colours, and it took almost 3 whole days to finish. I love them. Most people ask why I have two different shoes on but everyone seems impressed when I say I painted them myself.

I have now also painted these skeleton shoes for my boyfriend. Being a radiographer it is very suiting.

I got the idea from Corvus Tristis

My next project, these De Stijl shoes!

Or maybe these henna or zentangle painted ones..

Zantangle High Heels

Or these crossword shoes..

Or these Piano heels

or these Comic Heels

And how great is the pattern on these as another inspiration..

I love the colours in these ballet flats Definitely inspiration for some new painted shoes!
Sponge Bob Painted Shoes
Glitter flats

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