Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tie dress

I still love ties and have started collecting them again. I only ever buy ones I love the pattern for, which is usually very retro, 70's and wide. I also have a price limit, if they are too expensive the op shop misses out. I can't afford to buy 5 ties for over $2.50 each! I made a tie skirt using a lot of my Dad's old ties. I cut the back of the tie out so the skirt would be lighter and not as stiff and also made the length of the ties all different to give a flowy feel. I used another tie for the top of the skirt and inserted a zipper and big button to fasten.

My sister had to go one better and make a dress with boning wearing it to the races with matching bow tie headpiece. I had to borrow it myself and also wear it to the races. With the advice from me she left the ties whole and zig-zagged them with the stitching showing, giving it a different, stiffer and textured feel. I love it!

I now want to make another dress from ties more casual. Something like this one:

Here are more inspirations:

Long tie skirt (or maybe a dress)

Glamarita on Etsy Tie Me Up Tie Me Down range has lots of awesome tie dresses and accessories. Great inspiration.
Other Tie Dresses.
More tie crafts here.

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