Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lulu Beu- Recycled fashion accessories

Lulu Beu shares a similar passion to myself in that she loves upcycling and creating. She has combined the two to create upcycled fashion accessories out of thrifted and scrap products such as men's neckties and t-shirts. Scarves from neckties, t-shirts and yarn, hats from neckties, t-shirts, fabric samples, crochet, knitted slouch hats, ear warmers and scarves, necjtie belts, headbands, brooches, jewellery...
Blue and Tan Beaded Necktie Necklace
Blue/Green/Pink Button Necktie Headband
Tan & Blue/Gray Necktie Obi Belt
Tan Fabric Samples Hat
Brown & Orange Paisley Necktie Cloche/Flapper Hat
Brown Newsboy Cap with Removable Flower

Purples Necktie Cowl Scarf
Teal Necktie Cowl Scarf
Blue, Orange & Pink Necktie Scarf w/Button Pin
"Ice" Texturized Scarf

"Tangled up in Blue" T-Shirt Scarf
Brown, Yellow & Gray 7" Necktie Clutch

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Anti Gravity Yoga

There has been a few new versions of yoga popping up, including Acra Yoga, and Anti Gravity Yoga looks like another version. I love Iyengar yoga and its philosophy of using props to help you in the poses  and and gravity yoga seems to have a similar philosophy. I think I would love some of the poses. Hanging and using the rope to help you stretch. Wow, some of the pics look like they would feel sensational on your back etc. There is a video on this site.

Painted glass vases

I love the idea of using upcycled vases or jars as the centrepiece at a wedding.. Painted glass vases in different shapes look great! So Frickin Cute has painted shabby chic glass vases and wedding decor items on their Etsy shop. Some great inspiration.

Metallic Gold!! What great vase shapes too!
Burlap and Lace rustic Autumn
Blue and Gold or any colour..
Purple burlap and lace vases or any colour..
Coloured vases
Coloured Mason jars
Painted Goblets- Love these!!
Other inspiration:
Coloured glass vases
Spray painted vases- instructions
Tinted jars with Mod Podge and Food Colouring
Spray painted and frosted vases
Gold striped vases- a more geometric design would be better..

Back to the future party

So.. 2015 is approaching.. which means a Back To The Future party is near. My sister and I grew up watching the trilogy and love it! We have always said no matter what we will have a 2015 New Years BTTF theme party. It could be based on 50's, 80's, futuristic or even old west. For the 2015 New Years party I want to have I think we will base it on the 2015 future BTTF, which is very 80's being the projection of the future from then. There are so many ideas. Here are some..

-Party invite like time circuits
-"Hit 88mph and head back in time"

 Time Circuit Invites- 'You're going to see some serious shit' at the end?

-50's style milkshakes and diner food
-Cafe 80's
Uncle Jail Bird Joey cake

-Cut out cardboard clocks on walls
-Decorate with enchantment under the sea
-Quotes and posters hung around
-Video games
-Neon colours
-Cafe 80's

Enchantment Under the Sea- gold ribbon backdrop, 50's food


-People can come as characters from the films
-or just 80's future theme

Marty and Jennifer
Marty McFly
Jennifer Parker
Radioation Suit- Doc
2015 Doc
Marty McFly
Rock and Roll
2015 Marty
Biff's Gang 2015
Doc Brown

-Duke box
-Huey Lewis and the news

-What did BTTF get right?
-Finish the Back to the Future quote

Other cool stuff:
Have retro video games.

delorean paper cutout