Saturday, June 14, 2014

Upcycled Gameboards

As usual, I love recycling and turning things into un-expecting things, I also love games, so what better than to combine the two and recycle old game boards and pieces into functional items that have the familiar features from board games (boards, cards or pieces). All those incomplete games in op shops need rescuing.. Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Cluedo, Trouble, Twister, Skip Bo, Dominos, Boggle, Dice... They can easily look tacky but there also are some great items!! Just gotta find some unwanted games now..
Monopoly board coasters- this could be done with all sorts of board games..

Scrabble board coasters
Domino coasters
My own Scrabble coasters
Monopoly board notepads- could be made from any board game
Monopoly notebook
Uno notbooks- again, could do this with all sorts of game cards plus normal cards
Trivial Pursuit card notebooks
Domino clock- or with other board games- Chinese checkers would be good..
Twister raincoat!!!! plus how-to..
Twister shower curtain!!
Monopoly money flower
Trivial Pursuit keyring- once again, any game pieces could be used..
Lego head earrings
Domino earrings- other game pieces could be made into earrings too (monopoly pieces?)
Dice jewelry
Monopoly pieces charm bracelet- or with cluedo, dice etc
Mah Jong Bracelet
Board game pieces earrings
Board game wall deco

Game pieces cufflinks- Mah Jong, Scrabble, Monopoly!
Jigsaw puzzle magnets- magnets could be made with all sorts of game pieces, marbles, plastic toys  etc.

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