Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back to the future party

So.. 2015 is approaching.. which means a Back To The Future party is near. My sister and I grew up watching the trilogy and love it! We have always said no matter what we will have a 2015 New Years BTTF theme party. It could be based on 50's, 80's, futuristic or even old west. For the 2015 New Years party I want to have I think we will base it on the 2015 future BTTF, which is very 80's being the projection of the future from then. There are so many ideas. Here are some..

-Party invite like time circuits
-"Hit 88mph and head back in time"

 Time Circuit Invites- 'You're going to see some serious shit' at the end?

-50's style milkshakes and diner food
-Cafe 80's
Uncle Jail Bird Joey cake

-Cut out cardboard clocks on walls
-Decorate with enchantment under the sea
-Quotes and posters hung around
-Video games
-Neon colours
-Cafe 80's

Enchantment Under the Sea- gold ribbon backdrop, 50's food


-People can come as characters from the films
-or just 80's future theme

Marty and Jennifer
Marty McFly
Jennifer Parker
Radioation Suit- Doc
2015 Doc
Marty McFly
Rock and Roll
2015 Marty
Biff's Gang 2015
Doc Brown

-Duke box
-Huey Lewis and the news

-What did BTTF get right?
-Finish the Back to the Future quote

Other cool stuff:
Have retro video games.

delorean paper cutout

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