Friday, June 20, 2014


I would definitely make my own confetti with a hole punch and whatever coloured paper I wanted but you could also use different shaped hole punches.. hearts are an obvious good one, snow flakes for winter, leaves for autumn, music notes or other shapes to connect with the couples interests. You could also recycle different types of paper this way.. newspaper, books, music sheets, even dried leaves..

But you don't even need to use traditional confetti or paper.. what about.. rose petals, dried autumn leaves, pom poms!, sequins, streamers, ribbons, 100 and 1000's, herbs, popcorn, paper cranes!! and of course bubbles!

I am liking the idea of recycled paper into shapes like hearts but I think I may need to do a few experiments on how different papers fall. Tissue paper may be good if it floats down..
Paper cranes and petals
Autumn Leaves!!! This could work for me!

Pom-poms (69)

Gold confetti- love the colours!

Recycled paper hearts
Comic book hearts
Watercoloured dyed confetti- great blog too!
Oversized confetti

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