Friday, March 9, 2012

Repurposed and upcycled Denim Jeans

Old denim jeans are such great things to recycle into other things.. Op shops always have heaps of jeans for cheap.. and my Step-Dad has a whole heap I could get my hands on.. ideas are starting to form!
Denim Chevron Patchwork Upholstery
Denim couch plus other denim jean ideas
Denim woven rug

Denim Blanket SO want to make this!!!

Denim Quilts
Crochet denim rug
Denim woven basket
Denim waistband pillow- Would take a lot of jeans!
Jean label cushion- tis would take a lot of jeans too..

Denim bracelet
I love the beads with this!

Denim flower
Denim Aprons
Denim pencil/paintbrush roll
Link necklace
Thongs from jean waistband
Denim boots!

Denim coiled coasters

Denim pot holder


  1. Gostaria muito de fazer,achei uma ideia sensacional, mas queria que tivesse o passo a passo. Assim seria mais fácil

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