Friday, March 16, 2012

Gift Wrapping

So many ideas for gift wrapping. A lot using recycled materials, which I love! Magazines, newspapers, yarn, fabric, poms poms, doilies, paint swatches, book pages.. the list goes on! Here are just some of the cool ideas..!

Newspaper wrapping Dyed with food colouring, sprayed with glimmer mist
Lace flowers and sheet music wrapping paper

Pinwheel Bows..

Magazine gift bows This site has easy instructions!

Recycled magazine gift bows I'm going to always use these now, so easy and so effective!! With brown paper, newspaper or newspaper cutoff rolls (before it's been printed, $2-$4) from the printers

Scrap fabric bows

These tags have been punched out from old books and dictionaries salvaged from recycling.

Tea Bag gift tags complete with printable template. LOVE!

Pop-up 'I love you' card I made this with red and gold paper for Valentine's Day- turned out fabulously!

Pixel pop-up heart card Next Valentine's Day!

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