Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY Stamps

Make your own stamps! Awesome! I love stamps and prints.. Use them to decorate cards or wrapping paper! Make your own using erasers, corks, pencil erasers, bottle-caps, foam.. the list goes on..
Gennine's Art Blog has some awesome tips and tutorials on making stamps.
Plasticine stamps!Imprint anything (magnet letters, coins, cookie cutter shapes, draw) into plasticine and stamp..
Print your own wrapping paper with stamps! How good does the white on brown paper look!
How cut are these flower stamps?!
Geometric stamps
Pencil eraser stamps!
Triangle bunting pencil eraser stamp
Heart from pencil eraser- works really well!
Stamped with pencil erasers
Roller stamps
Watermelon wrapping from potato stamps- or use cookie cutters to create different shapes from potatoes
Cut sponges into any shape..
Tag stamp
Or just use what you have available to make different prints.. bubble wrap, buttons, veges,
Bubblewrap- always a favourite..
Buttons- this is so effective..
Lego stamps
Heart toilet paper stamping
Toilet paper roll stamps

Yarn stamps

More yarn stamping
Printing with nuts and bolts
Food stamping-lemons, onions, apples, potatoes

Apple stamp
Vege stamps- celery makes a great rose too..

Stamped wrapping

Use a bleach soaked felt pad to stamp shapes onto clothes!
Cork stamps
Shell as stamp
DIY stamp ideas

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