Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pepper grinders

I have a big pepper grinder that I have always wanted to decorate. Originally I wanted to carve a design in it but have realised this would be way too hard.. So painting seems to be the go.. But what to paint? Shabby chic style? zentangle or paisley (love that)? Florentine style? Ombre? Or some other coloured design.. Maybe Moroccan inspired..!
Shabby chic
Italian Florentine Pepper mills- Love them!
Vintage Florentine Pepper Mill- This is it! Love them!

Air-brushed rings
Ombre- could be rainbow too..

Hand painted-almost galaxy style!
gold hand painted
And while we are on the topic of pepper grinders, here's some other funky designs..
Pepper mill with moveable fingers!
Rubik's Cube Pepper mill!
Switch pepper and salt

Elephant pepper and salt- So cute!!

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