Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recycled material bracelets

Recycled jewelry! The list of ideas is endless! Making jewelry or any wearable things from recycled material is always fun and exciting, especially when people ask is that made from...? Love it! So many ideas.. here are a few bracelet ideas..
Rainwheel- cuffs made from painted old leather belts
Elke Munkert Tennis ball bangles
Metal ruler bangle from jacqvon on Etsy
Tea cup bracelet- Lindsay Pemberton
Fabric covered water bottle cuffs
Denim and thread
Comic book bracelet
Littlefly: Bracelet from paper

Brass cuff, polymer opal, faux wood, black and white cane slices, silver beads embedded in black grout.
Sweater bangles
Spoon handle
Smashed knitting needle bracelets
Smashed knitting needle bracelets- comes in other textures (dimples, arrows, wallpaper, spirals, leaves and dots)
Plastic bottle bracelets
Camera lens bracelet
Braided plastic bag bracelet
Zipper bracelets
Bracelets from plastic bottles:

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