Friday, March 1, 2013

Paint/art Party

What a great idea for a kids party! And a great way to incorporate a rainbow theme too! Some great activity ideas using paint or other crafty things.. Mural, paint easels, blind painting (like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey to try and colour in the lines), finger painting, sidewalk chalk, butchers paper and crayons on table, decorate cookies etc..
Then food ideas are also endless.. Of course lots of rainbow lollies, ice-creams on sticks called paint brushes, cupcakes, paint palettes, paint tins..

Invite and Delight- paint food ideas

Paint brushes- could just be ice-creams too
Invite and Delight- Feet painting
Invite and Delight: Painting activity- masking tape easels, could be blind folded too
Paint Pallet garden
Paint party
Delight and Invite: Art themed party
Tangled party- Great paint/art food ideas!
Art Party
The Partiologist: Art party
Art Party Ideas
More Art Party Ideas

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