Thursday, February 21, 2013

Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov is a Russian impressionist artist who paints with palette knife and oil on canvas to create these stunning colour and light masterpieces! He uses a bright and beautiful signature colour palette and magically represents rainy Parisian nights, flowing dancers and streetlights among other subjects. I love the his style! And would love to see one on my wall! Here are a few of my absolute favourites. I love the night street scenes, umbrellas and rain and abstract dancers showing movement and just his colour choice!!
An artist I would be willing to pay money to buy his artwork! Check out his extensive work on his DeviantArt page!

I would love either of these in my house!

Rainy Encounter
The Melody of the Night
Sailing With the Sun
Midnight Blues
The love of Flight
Aura of Autumn
Balloon Show
Moulin Rouge
When Dreams Come True
Rain of Fire
Night Enigma
Night Cafe
The Soul of the Rain
In the Rhythm of Tango

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