Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Em's Holiday Crafts

After going on holidays I collected shells on the beach and some interesting bush leaves etc. I have turned the leaves etc into some very interesting looking native potpourri. I added some nice smelling eucalyptus and paperbark leaves to create a great native aroma. I will add essential oils to it once it loses it's smell. I found a perfect wooden bowl in an op shop to hold the potpourri.
With the shells I bought a shadow box frame and filled it with the shells. It took me a while to get them to sit and stay just where I wanted them to. I tried taping the back with various different tapes but the tape either stretched or came unstuck. In the end I used the frame stand to create some tabs to screw in to the frame and hold the back in place as well as putting a piece of soft woolen fabric behind the shells to hold them. It looks great in the bathroom!

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