Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Em's Jumper/Sweater Blanket

I saw this awesome inspiration on Yellow Suitcase Studios to make a blanket out of old woolen jumpers/sweaters and had to have a go. It just looked so cozy and warm. I collected jumpers from op shops, which were ideally wool, however 100% wool was hard to find so a few are mixtures. I then pre-washed them all and cut them all up into 25cm squares. Some knits were more prone to fraying and got a little messy but stayed together enough to work out the layout order and sew them. I numbered each square and then sewed each row before sewing all the rows together.

I bought some black fleece for the backing as the other colour fleeces available really didn't match the jumpers, then sewed the two pieces together around the edges, leaving the edges raw at this stage, as well as sewing along all the other seams to hold the two pieces together. It really needed this as it moved around a lot. I then did a blanket stitch all the way around the edges with some wool/yarn to finish it off. I love the look of blanket stitch and was most excited to do it.

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