Thursday, January 8, 2015


There really is a lot of creative clocks out there.. and some great ideas for DIY, endless ideas to recycle and use other objects for either the numbers, base or hands. I have always liked the vinyl record clocks, either as a straight record or cut into endless shapes/silhouettes (you wuold need to use an interesting record, which may then be a waste) and I would love to make a clock for the shed from an old bike part..Bottle tops, buttons, tools, guitar picks, dominoes, dice as numbers..
Cut vinyl record
Vinyl clocks- love this one!
Salvador Dali clock from a record

Saw-blade clock
Plate clock- I like the idea of this.. Made from Nan's painted plates
Bike brake disc- Great instructions too

Bike wheel clock with chain numbers
casette clock

Knitted clock- for the sewing room?
Button clock
Tea tin clock
Book clocks (and other creative clocks)
Tin Clock
Book clock
Pixel This creates clocks from recycled materials such as recycled music and movie equipment, cameras, bike parts, computer parts..

Bike cassette gear clock and other recycled clock ideas at this etsy site
Bicycle wheel clock- ones with tyres too
Bike brake disc and CD clock
Recycled bike crank clock
Gear guard
Recycled turntable clock
Kodak Brownie

Recycled Hardrive

Some other great wacky clocks here
How funky is this Pin clock

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