Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Tea Party

What a great theme! Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday! The costumes are great and the endless themed decorations, food etc.. A great one for a tea party or high tea with dainty finger food, cupcakes, tea cups, striped straws etc.. 
Decorations of penguins, Mary Poppins quotes, kites, umbrellas, lace, stripes, with a red, orange and white theme.
Costumes: Bert and Mary outfits, stripes, canes, lace, hats, bowties, cane hats..
Activities: Silhouette or Caricature artist, photobooth with props

Cute Mary costume!
Cute Bert costume!
Mary Poppins Tea Party
Carousel horse and penguins
Spoonful of sugar
Mary Poppins Tea party
Bert and Mary
Mary Poppins Tea party

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