Thursday, February 23, 2012

Typography Exhibitions

The Art of Lost Words
An exhibition of design, typography and illustration inspired by forgotten words. 47 participants have chosen from among the dictionary's lost but lovely words, with an open brief to create an original work inspired by their choice.
Blateration: unceasing chatter, babbling.

HABRONEME: 'having the appearance of very fine threads'

REDAMANCY: the act of loving in return

GAUDILOQUENT: speaking joyfully or on joyful matters

FABREFACTION: the act of fashioning a work of art

Imaginary Menagerie
19 designers were given an open brief to explore language's difficult, tongue-tripping, unpronounceable labyrinths typographically and in their own language. Drawing from Italian, Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese, these works take on a variety of forms: from letterpress and silkscreen prints, to light-based artworks and sculpture.
Cosmic Comets: Screenprinted on NASA space blanket

Promises: Taken from a Russian tongue twister about unrealised promises, this piece involves applying handwritten texts to transparent paper, stacked and photocopied until illegible.

Red Leather Yellow Leather: New take on two old English twisters.

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