Friday, February 10, 2012

Recycled DIY Wedding Bouquets

Princess Laserton- Bridal designer creates floral accessories, bouquets, craft and recycled ideas and shares her inspiration and instructions on her blog. The bouquets are particularly awesome! Made of fabric, buttons, brooches etc. I'm not a big flower type person and these are just amazing using textures and awesome fabrics etc! So many too! Check it out!

Fantasy Floral Designs also makes bouquets with brooches. What a great effect, plus you could include heirlooms to make it meaningful!

Paper flowers bouquet
Pinwheel bouquet

Brooch bouquet
Brooch bouquet
Burlap flower bouquet
Made from guitar strings
Offbeat Bride- Handmade flower centrepiece
Offbeat BrideButton & Felt Corsage
Offbeat Bride- Fabric flower centre-piece

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