Friday, February 24, 2012

Mad Hatter Tea Party

I need to add to my bucket list to have a Mad Hatter themed party! I can imagine using all sorts of odd table cloths and runners, lots of lace and different pattern fabrics, chairs of all sorts, mixed matched cups and saucers in all different colours and patterns, cake and sandwich stands, candlesticks, lampshades, lots of teapots, watches and clocks, wallpaper, hat and coat stands, hats, drink me and eat me bottles etc!! Everyone would have to at least wear a hat or dress up in random clothing. We would have to change seats at intervals and would have to play cards or croquet! And other old fashioned games like musical chairs, potato sack or three-legged races.. We would serve sandwiches, cup cakes and macaroons in lots of colours. Invitatons would match the theme and if possible we could set it all up in a forest, bush area or in the garden! It could be sophisticated and proper or fun and kiddish..

I love the textures and patterns of this Mad Hatter Tea Party from Curious Sofa featured in Better Homes and Gardens:

Other ideas:
Have to have this Sign

Jam in paint tins applied to scones with pastry brush!

or Painted roses cupcakes
Heart Tarts: These are easy and look fantastic too!

Alice in Wonderland ideas
Paper teapots- gifts or centrepieces

My Pinterest inspiration

Kara's Party Ideas: Alice In Wonderland has more ideas for an Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter's party. Also heaps of other awesome party ideas on her blog!

Green Wedding Shoes: Mad Hatter bridal shower.

High Tea Mad Hatter style: Food and deco ideas

LeDeeDah: Etsy shop with Mad Hatter centerpieces and hats.

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