Friday, February 3, 2012

Em's Scrabble Coasters

I made some coasters with wooden scrabble tiles. There are plenty of ideas on the net. Some stain letters on the coaster to spell a name for wedding ideas, some use words to do with drinks and there are plenty for sale on Etsy.

It proved very difficult to find genuine wooden scrabble tiles in op shops and I'm sure if I had found some they would have been very expensive so I bought a set of 100 tiles from ebay.

I chose to make mine with 4 words that spelt both across and down. This used up a lot of letters easily so was a fun challenge to find enough so it all worked out. I then glued the tiles with PVA glue to 3mm cork. I tried spraying them with gloss enamel, however The enamel seemed to react with the letters and glue already on the tiles. So I ended up coating them in PVA glue, then spraying with enamel to make waterproof. They turned out well. I especially like how they spell words both ways.

I glued squares of magnets to the back of the left over letters to make fridge magnets.

Left over letter fridge magnets

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