Saturday, February 25, 2017


So many cute ideas for up cycling to create bags! I have already made a bag from old cargo pants and want to have a go at the many different tote bags from t-shirts..

Cargo pants bag
Messenger bag from cargo pants

T-shirt bags!:

3 t-shirts- great instructions
The Patchwork Bear makes bags and other memorabilia from old t-shirts..
Tote from t-shirt
t-shirt Duffle bag
Easy classic t-shirt bag
Sweater/jumper bag

The bag tutorials/ideas:

Tote bag- great instructions
Bag from sweater
Square bag
Woven bag
Lego bag- Definitely to make when we have kids! Becomes a toy mat  that can be drawn up into a bag!
Denim jean bag
Easy water bag
Necktie bag
Men's tie bag- I like the touch of the buttons with the pointy end of the tie
Bandana Carryall
Reusable lined bags from fused plastic bags!- Gotta try!
Bag bag from sweater sleeve
Maiden Jane creates bags among other sewing and recycled projects:
"I love pretty damask and floral fabrics, but also fun, retro, fabrics as well. I also like to upcycle T shirts, sweatshirts, coffee bags and other items into new designs." 
Coffee sack bags
Seashell bags
Starbucks Apron bag
Bag from chestnut sack


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