Friday, February 10, 2017

Recycled Lampshades

Rachel Burke of Patturn Studios, based own Geelong, makes unique homemade lampshades made from decoupaged recycled material, such as sewing patterns, sheet music, maps etc. She has always been passionate about recycling and op shops, a passion we share. I love the recycled and surprise aspect of this type of craft.

Pianola lampshade
Sheet music
Sewing pattern
Braille Paper lampshade
Map lamp
TOBYhouse has recycled beach balls into lampshades! Great for a child's room!
Our fabulous Beach Ball Lampshades are made by hand using our pioneering treatment that renders real inflated beach balls rock hard on the inside, yet they still look soft and bouncy from the outside - even the blowhole remains visible!
Beach Ball lights

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  1. Hi Em,

    Lampshades is really very beautiful . I appreciate way of innovation waste things for making handmade lampshades.

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