Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sustainable Fashion

Recycling is a great way to reduce landfill and eliminate the need to produce new products making it a sustainable option. When recycling clothes, fabrics or even furniture the opportunity for individual, unique and one off pieces is available. Here are some examples of recycling made fashionable.

Lydra has created clutches made from recycled old fabrics (curtains, dresses, pillowcases etc). Each clutch is individual and comes with a description of the life of the pre-loved fabric. Visit the blog for more pics and info. She also has some great millinery designs.

One Noffs is a vintage clothing store putting a new spin on sustainable fashion. The idea is for designers or anyone inspired to do so, to collect pre-loved clothing from the Ted Noff foundation and alter the clothes to be sold at the One Offs concept store in Sydney. The designer gets a bio on the swing tag and a cut of the profit and proceeds also go to help the foundation work with disadvantaged kids. So everyone wins. Check out their Blog for more info.

The Salvos have run a campaign, Fashion With a Conscience to raise awareness about social and environmental issues by inviting designers to create fashionable outfits made with clothes from Salvos stores, proving op shopping is an economic alternative to save money, the environment and that it is possible to find fashionable one off pieces of clothing on a budget.

The Salvos have also run Furnish With a Conscience with the same principle. Revitalising old furniture to save money and reduce reuse recycle!

I have always wanted to make a cushion out of old woolen jumpers like this one!:

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