Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fair Trade- Afri beads

Afri Beads made from recycled magazines by women in Uganda to help them send their children to school.

Magazine bowl

How to make a recycled magazine bowl or buy to support poor and disadvantaged women providing employment and training, and promoting self-reliance amongst disadvantaged families and ethnic minorities in Southern Vietnam.

I have tried to get a hold of Afribeads without much prevail. But have had success in making my own beads from magazines and PVA glue. They are really strong and using a whole page of similar colours creates a great coloured necklace/bracelet. Quite time consuming with the hardest part being getting off the stick. I used a paintbrush to coil and found spraying some oil on before hand helped the bead slide off.

Update: You can directly by beads and beaded products  from Bead For Life, the not-for-profit organisation that helps women in extreme poverty in Uganda.

How to make paper beads
Easy instructions

Paper beads on a stiff wire..

Security envelopes

Paper mache style beads
paper beads
On the topic of recycled eco jewelry, these bangles made from magazine scraps wrapped around a wooden base..
Recycled Magazine Eco Friendly Bangle Bracelet - Urban Jungle
Paper, PET bottle jewelery

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