Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Recycling Ideas- Recyclart

Recyclart is a great website for recycling inspiration! There is some really clever things on the site, I only picked a few things that stood out, check out the site for more inspiration.. I could have gone on forever!

Great idea for recycling a tie into a purse/phone holder..!

Very cute and easy way to recycle old gloves. Would be a great gift idea. How to here.

Tennis ball towel holder

Sonic fabric ties- cassette tape and polyester woven fabric
Old truck springs. Love this rustic style of decor! Mwa!
Cushion made from clothing tags.

Recycled cassette tapes

I can see great bracelets made like this..

Suitcase chairs

Light cups

Momaboma uses measuring tapes, old newspapers, comics, used dresses, packages, vintage magazines and t-shirts, records, flour or cement sacks and turns them into something beautiful and new, such as bags and purses.


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