Sunday, March 25, 2018

Knot Pillow

I really liked the idea of a knot cushion so decided to give it a go using this tutorial. I used some old curtain fabric from the op shop cut it in three lengths about 2m long and 13cm wide. Then sewed them end to end followed by sewing right-sides facing into a long tube. I sewed one end shut and turned the tube the right way then I used the help of a broom handle to stuff the tube, which took a bit of time and actual stuffing, trying not to pack it too tight or loose. Then came the fun part of tying it into a knot. I used the turk's head knot without tightening into a ball. But am keen to try making a ball one too someday. (Another knot tutorial)

I was hoping to have some left over stuffed tube, but it was a perfect amount. I wanted to try making these balloon animals. Another project to add to the list. They would probably need a stretcher fabric anyway. 
Here's another great tutorial for a knot pillow or here's a tutorial to use old leggings to make a knot pillow (or video tutorial here).

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