Monday, February 26, 2018


Macrame! A great way to add boho or retro elements to your home! I love the idea of a huge wall hanging above the bed (especially like the one below on a dark wall!). I would love to make one! But also love the more simple versions of a door curtain.. But I might start with a smaller project like some jewellery or planters..

Wall hanging! Love love love! Great with the dark wall!
Wall hanging- with instructions! Good starter..
Wallhanging- DIY instructions
Bedhead wallhanging..
Wall hanging
Wallhanging- Etsy
Wallhanging- Etsy
via- 3 knots instructions
Easy door curtain- with instructions!
Via- Instructions
Macrame curtain- love this!
via or etsy
Via- Instructions

Video Tutorials:

YouTube Tutorial
Youtube Tutorial

Other inspiration:

Beads and Macrame wallhanging
Beads and Macrame wallhangings
Sally England
Room divider
Macrame Tablerunner- instructions!

An easier option would be an assemblage of dreamcatchers made from doilies.. Also a recycling project!

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