Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Em's Latest projects

Hedgehog Doorstop

I made this hedgehog doorstop as a Christmas present out of calico and an old striped shirt. I based it on the pattern from Do Crafts. Hand sewing on the strips of fabric took a while and I ironed them folded on an angle to try and make it look more haphazard rather than formal. I used Jasmine rice (all we had) to fill it, which actually made it smell nice (I was thinking of adding essential oils but the Jasmine rice was fragrant enough). I then sewed on two buttons for eyes and made a tiny pompom on a fork for the nose! I already have people asking me for orders for next Christmas!

Hand Towels

I bought these tea towels a while ago to make hand towels for the kitchen for everyone for Christmas. This year I made two for my aunties with scrap fabric. I love the retro yellow fabric one, I nearly kept it for myself! Originally I was going to use the more traditional pattern from Creamer Chronicles but really like the clever "big button hole" design from here, so tried it. I sewed the middle of the towel to the fabric to create a double thickness. I still have a number of tea towels in all different colours so will have to make a few more. Maybe for next Chrissie!


I made these mugs for my cousin who had their first bub this year. I used an oil based paint texta and used the instructions from Something Turquoise to set the design. I waited 72hrs after drawing on the design, then put them in a cold oven and turned it on to 200C for an hour, turned the oven off and left it to cool down over night. They came out a little darker but otherwise the same.

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