Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Em's Jumper/Sweater Cushions #2


I made these cushions from recycled jumper/sweaters. I chose 2 jumpers in the same shades for each, one for the cushion base and the other ribbed ones to make the flower rose. I got the idea from Old Made New and also on this and this Etsy shop, but had to make up the process of making them myself. I played around with various ways to create fabric roses and ended up cutting numerous semi-circles from the jumper and then sewing them in a long line along the straight edge before sewing the line in a spiral onto the first jumper, which I had made into a simple cushion. Once that was done I made a small fabric rose for the centre and hand sewed a cushion inside. I also hand stitched the floppy petals down at various points so it stayed more in shape. They go really well with the orange jumper/sweater cushion I made previously.

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