Sunday, March 23, 2014

Performance Drawing

Heather Hansen uses her whole body and charcoal, combining dance with art, to create these performance drawings, in a live performance. The result is symmetrical, concentric pieces, resembling a Rorschach test, that have recorded her dance-like movements on large pieces of paper combining her love of dance and visual art. Check out her videos of the process including one on sand.

'Empty Gestures '- Studio Gallery
Ochi Gallery
'Empty Gestures'- Grand Isle
'Empty Gestures'
Ochi Gallery
In a similar style, Tony Orrico, also uses movement in his performance drawings to link choreography and visual art. Likened to Da Vinci's  Vitruvian Man, Orrico creates symmetrical drawings using his body and pencils. Check out his videos to fully appreciate his work.

Penwald Drawings- '8 Circles'

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